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Le Magazine de la santé  15 Octobre 2018

"...l'Art et la médecine essaient d'améliorer la qualité de vie de l’être humain sur deux niveaux parallèles et complémentaires..."

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In a Refugee’s Bags, Memories of Home 11 Mars, 2017

Seeds and saplings, musical instruments, elderly parents leaving home for the first time. Telephones containing recordings of voices, festivals, pictures of the missing and the dead. Recipes for eggplant stuffed with hot peppers...



creative havens:

Samer Tarabichi

Samer Tarabichi is a syrian artist and a doctor; born and grown up in Aleppo, living in France

His art is a dreamy way to express his memories of Syria and to hope the furtur with beautiful colours

we followed him in Paris in an inspiration moment


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